vilma: short black skirt the leather jacket too, how could i ever be mad at you?

Artist  Unknown justin bieber ft cody simpson    Title  Unknown    Album  Unknown
Artist  UnknownChris Brown & Trey Songz    Title  UnknownMade Me    Album  Unknown


Scooter Braun: Highlight of the day. Jb hitting that #antdance lol


Team Bieber: From back in his hunting days… ;)


Scooter Braun: Hung out with these maniacs all day. Great shoot with nick onken. Good time fellas.



I can’t wait for cody to prove yall wrong when this new music with justin is released literally ur all so mean and rude to him when he’s just as talented as justin when it comes to making music


Justin Bieber + Cody Simpson’s First Single Hits Radio ‘In Days, Not Months’


Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson’s first single from their forthcoming duets album will hit radio “in days, not months,” according to Michigan radio station 97.5 Now FM.

Resident DJ Josh Strickland was given a select listen to the imminent debut song from the two mutually managed artists at…


New/Old photo of Justin with his brother, Jaxon.